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Established 1976

Bakelite Bracelets

bakelite bracelets
This image is taken from the inventory in our store.
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Other Bakelite Jewelry and Items

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Article by Louise Bloedbeld —and — The Carrot Box Web Site There are other Web Sites that discuss Bakelite.

We have been collection Vintage Bakelite jewelry and other Vintage Bakelite items since 1970. We love Bakelite and can never have enough. We get excited every time we get a new item. The colors, the feel, the sound the bracelets make when the bang into each other, the chunkiness, but most of all the color are the things that make us Love Bakelite. It is "happy jewelry". It just makes us feel good to look at it, touch it and wear it.

We opened the store in 1976. At that time there were about 20 Antiques stores in the Richmond district in San Francisco. Through the years, most of these stores have closed or moved. We have been voted "The Best Antiques Store", audience favorite, on www.citysearch.com for the past 6 years.

With a fondness for old (antiques) and new (technology), we put our first web site on the Internet in 1997, selling Limoges Porcelain Boxes. We were one of the first web sites to sell these little treasures on line. Today there are over one million web sites with Limoges boxes. You can view our web site at www.boxeslimoges.com We still have the largest collection that you can walk into a store, view and purchase. There are several thousand different pieces. It truly is a "must see" collection. We pride ourselves in keeping our prices low, even though the dollar has decreased in value in France.

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